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Preventative Maintenance

Air Conditioning

All domestic and commercial air conditioning systems require maintenance at regular intervals for the following reasons.


Dirty condensers

This causes excessively high discharge pressures and temperatures within the system which in turn reduce the life of the compressor, longer run times and use more electricity.


Dirty/blocked return air filters

This also cause high discharge temperatures resulting in excessive wear, extended run times of the unit and electrical inefficiencies. Low pressures can cause iced up evaporator coils and sweating of pipe insulation through reduced pipe temperatures.


Gas loss

If the system is short of refrigerant, the leak will cause similar symptoms of dirty filters, however if the gas lost from the system is too great the compressor will overheat and burn out. Most systems are critically charged with refrigerant and a minor gas loss can upset the system balance.



Blocked drains will cause water damage to internal walls and paintwork.



Due to a spate of installations being carried out by non-qualified installers, recent legislation has seen an improvement of the quality of work. As some installations have been carried out by non-approved personnel, there have been a number of issues with gas leaks, vermin ingress, warranty issues and the like which can be checked whilst on site.